Schleich Castle

Schleich Castle - High-Quality Handcrafted Swords Forged by Master Craftsmen from World-Renowned Toledo Steel in Toledo, SpainSchleich Castle - - Real Cool Stuff at GREAT SAVINGS...Why shop elsewhere?Schleich Castle - High-Quality Handcrafted Swords Forged by Master Craftsmen from World-Renowned Toledo Steel in Toledo, Spain

Schleich Castle
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Schleich Castle
Schleich is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and is noted for the many Burg (Castle) in the area.

List of Castles in the Schleich , Germany area:

Alte Burg
Burg Heid
Burg Osburg
Burg Ramstein
Burgruine Kollesleuken
Burgruine Sommerau
Burg Welschbillig
Burg Wincheringen
Maximiner Burg
Wasserburg Kl´┐Żsserath

# RCCASSH2205TS Paul Chen Solingen Rapier Sword
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Paul Chen Solingen Rapier Sword
by Hanwei

Item # SH2205
The Paul Chen Solingen Rapier Sword
The Solingen Rapier Sword is historically based on models of 17th century swepthilt rapiers of Germanic ancestry. The Solingen Rapier with the matching Main Gauche is an excellent rendition of the timely originals. The blades are constructed of forged high-carbon steel and are equipped with leather scabbards. The guard has a beautiful design with S-curved quillons to protect the hand and for wrapping the fingers around to increase one's grip strength.

This rapier and the matching main gauche blade produced by Hanwei are now interchangeable with blunted Practical Sparring blades (orderable upon request) , which are designed for safety in rapier sparring. Also available are antiqued versions of the Solingen Rapier with matching main gauche (orderable upon request).

This fully functional rapier sword is tailored to meet the demands of re-enactment and stage combat.

  • Overall Length: 44 3/4"
  • Blade Length: 36 1/2"
  • Blade Material: High-carbon forged steel blade , tempered un-edged , sharp point
  • interchangeable blunted Practical Sparring blades are available Click Here
  • Handle: Wire wrapped handle with sculpted steel guard and pommel
  • Perfect balance
  • Factory: Hanwei China
  • Designer: Paul Chen
  • Scabbard: leather
  • Rated: Fully Functional
    $294.00 each

    All Edged Weapons, Battle Ready or Not, May Injure,
    Kill and/or Become Damaged if Used Improperly

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